Six Social Media Trends That Need To Go

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Social media is obviously a big part of our lives and daily routine. Nevertheless, just because you have a facebook, instagram, or whatever social media site it may be, doesn’t mean that you can do and post whatever you like on it. There are unspoken rules of what to do and what not to do. Some of them are common sense and some are just plain bothersome to me. So, without any hesitation, here they are:

1. “Facebook Official”

Whether you have a Facebook or not, everyone (including my grandma) knows what Facebook official means. This term refers to when you and your significant other’s relationship status is made public through Facebook. Now, this could be done correctly, as well as incorrectly. I feel that people make way to much of a big deal of it. For example, there are many girls who I’ve heard say things like, “Oh, you’re not facebook official? You know it’s not official until it’s facebook official.” Quite frankly, it’s none of anyone’s(even your friends) business whether or not the person you are dating/seeing is exclusive with you. It’s between you and that person. You guys are the only ones who know whats going between you. And if you haven’t had that talk yet, well then, that’s another story. But it’s all up to YOU.

2. #Selfies

“But first….lemme take a selfie.” Selfies have become quite popular these days. Basically, a selfie is a close-up picture that a person took of herself/himself. But lately, people have been taking way too many selfies of themselves. Whether they’re taken in their house, outside, or even the hospital, this trend has gone too far, in my opinion. In fact, scientists have linked selfies to Narcissism. Plus, I just don’t see why someone has to take a picture of themself every single day. We haven’t forgotten what you look like, trust me.

it’s time to STOP! We’ve seen enough of your bathroom mirror.

  1. Made Up Vocabulary

This is probably one of my biggest social media annoyances. I cringe every time I see the word bae. Bae, according to Urban Dictionary, is an acronym that stands for “before anyone else.” Many people have been calling their significant others bae, especially on Instagram(#withthebae). Everyone should just stick with the word babe and stop trying to be cute and creative because the word is far from it. And I know a lot of people who would agree. Another one I don’t get is the word doe, which essentially, means though. I don’t know whose bright idea it was to start using this word but it is grammatically incorrect and sounds plain dumb. Last time I checked, a doe was a female deer. Just stop trying to make doe happen, it’s not going to happen(did you get that reference?).

4. Game Requests

I can’t tell you how many stinking times I’ve logged onto facebook and had a game request, particularly CandyCrush, show up on my notifications. It especially annoys me when facebook friends who you never even had an actual conversation with send you requests. And it’s not just one request from that person; it’s a constant sending of requests. Just because I didn’t accept it the first time, doesn’t mean I will the second time. You can play however many games you would like, just leave us non-gamers alone, please!

5. Twitter Fights

Honestly, I don’t know too many details about this one because I, myself, don’t have a twitter. However, I do have a lot of friends who have one and have witnessed the madness that is a twitter war. Twitter war was invented for those who don’t have the guts to say what they really feel towards a person whom they are mad at/don’t like. It’s immature, if you ask me, especially in the eyes of other twitter users who know what’s going on between the opponents. But I have forgotten that we live in the day and age where people hide behind their computer screens/devices. All in all, twitter fights can get really nasty and can seriously upset a person. It’s basically cyberbullying.

6. Personal Facebook Posts

Last but not least, is the infamous personal Facebook post. Your friend has done it, your teacher has done it, most likely you have done it atleast once. I understand that people have bad days and daily complaints, but it’s such a killjoy to scroll down my newsfeed and read about someone just getting dumped while mentioning the guy’s actual name for everyone to see. This is where Twitter comes in(see, there is an exception to this rule) because it was pretty much invented to tweet about whatever the heck was on your mind or whatever you were doing at the moment. Don’t confuse social media sites now.

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