Fall Fashion Trends of 2014

Image from redresscolumbus.com

Image from redresscolumbus.com

1. Moto Jackets
There’s just something so badass about wearing a moto jacket, also known as a motorcycle jacket. It’s sexy, edgy, and totally “in” for the fall. And this season’s versions are cooler than ever, with their intricate zipper designs. Designers also added some feminine touches to them, that way you can also wear them on special occasions. If you choose to buy a moto jacket with contrasting sleeves(a very popular trend), you can pair them with a silky dress while keeping it unbuttoned. You can also mix it with elegant fabrics, such as brocade or velvet.

2. Oversized Knits
Sweaters have never really gone out of style. Cold weather plus a cozy knit equals common sense. However, they have become much more fashionable than the original plain and bulky ones that people use to wear. Whether its a sweater or a cardigan, they should be a staple to every girl’s fall/winter wardrobe. Moreover, these new knits are oversized and baggy, but still flattering to the figure. It’s a very easy look to pull off. Because these knits are longer(the same length as a mini dress, basically), you can wear them with leggings, which is the most popular way to style them. As long as you keep the bottom part form-fitting, you can’t go wrong.

3. Sneakers
Workout attire has become quite the popular trend lately, along with sneakers. I mean, what woman wouldn’t want to look stylish while sweating like a pig? And these sneakers are just as cute as they are comfy! They use to come in just a few colors(such as black,white, and blue), but athletic wear companies and designers now make them in a variety of feminine colors and designs. You can even find some that come in unique pastels, like mint green and neon coral. Whether you are hitting the gym, out shopping, or just lounging around, sneakers are both practical and fashionable.

4. Midi Skirts
We’ve all sported the maxi skirt and the mini skirt before. But this fall season, there’s a new skirt on the rise: the midi. Lengthwise, the midi skirt is in between the maxi and mini. It falls just below the knee or even lower, but it doesn’t touch the ground; just like the poodle skirt in the 50’s. It also comes in a variety of different shapes(full, flowing, pleated, etc.). From the office to the outlets, this look can be pretty versatile. However, this skirt can be a little tricky to style. But with the right pieces, it can look very chic. For a day time look, pair it with a simple t-shirt or crop top. For a more formal look, go with darker colors, such as the black leather midi skirt. And as far as shoes go, you can pretty much wear it with anything(except sneakers).

5. Over-The-Knee Boots
Were these boots made for walking? Not so much. Were they made to look hot? Yes! Over-the-knee boots have come in and out of style for years but they are back again, and hopefully here to stay! These boots typically end right above the knee, although there are some that come up higher. They are available in many different shades of colors and textures. You can also get them with a heel, buckle, lace-up,etc. Create a more dressy look by pairing them with a dress or skater skirt. If casual is your thing, then you can wear them over a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Nevertheless, over-the-knee boots add a bit of sophistication to any outfit.

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