Hilary Duff’s New Singles

Image from thewrap.com

Image from thewrap.com

We’ve been waiting ever so anxiously for the release of “Chasing the Sun” and…it’s not exactly what I thought it was going to be! I thought that, being described as adult and acoustic, it would sound a bit different. What I’m hearing is a slowed down Colbie Caillat ad I’m a bit bummed out. Props to Hilary for ditched the stereotypical party-and-twerking routine to go with someone more rustic and beachy, but it sounds all too familiar. All in all, it’s a cute song! Worth a listen. A note of caution, if you listen to it twice…it will be in your head all day.

The video, which I linked above, is funny! I’ll give her that. Hilary portrays a bored office girl stuck in the routine who just wants to go on vacation. This includes her running into walls, absentmindedly staring at coworkers, and getting a weird massage from a co-worker! It was a cute video, to say the least. I went ahead and watched the bloopers, too. Hilary’s personality is so down to earth and relaxed, it really shines in everything she does.

The official audio for “All About You” was released, too. I was kind of disappointed here, too. Don’t get me wrong, the song is catchy! I like it, but it’s something that I’d expect to hear from Taylor Swift. If the country twang in the background meant acoustic, she filled it with pop beats that drowns it out. “All About You” is just not the acoustic sound I was thinking when I first read she was releasing an album.

From what I’m hearing, this upcoming album is totally different from anything Hilary’s ever done in the past. It’s good in the sort of radio pop that you’d expect from other artists. Not exactly what I had in mind, but definitely worth the listen!

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