Switch up the Ice Bucket Challenge with the Rice Bucket Challenge!

So, you’ve done the Ice Bucket Challenge and are ready to donate in other ways! Fortunately for you, there is yet another Facebook challenge for you to participate in and have everyone on your time line do and post about for days on end! It’s the #RiceBucketChallenge and it’s putting rice straight into the bowls (er, buckets) of those in need, particularly families in India. These families can use up to 45 lbs of rice in one month! It’s incredibly easy to donate or participate in the challenge.

The first way to participate is RiceBowls.org. This organization easily allows you to donate any dollar amount you want! Broke and can only donate $1? Here’s your chance. Keep in mind that you can also give fresh produce for $55! Get a team, rally some money, and donate here. I know college kids love tees! Buy one and that only gives 40 meals – it’s roughly $22. There are various options for you to choose from on their site, all of which go to a great cause. I love how back-to-basics this site is, allowing people to donate any increment they want. Many people want to donate but simply can’t afford the minimum donation limit.

Seriously broke and still want to help those in need? Challenge your friends to spend 10 minutes playing FreeRice.com and be sure to do the same! This is a vocabulary game that donates rice as you progress. It’s honestly as easy as that.

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