Why Yoga Is Your Best Bet

Image from ventureyogastudio.com

Image from ventureyogastudio.com

Part of the problems of today’s society is that we try find ourselves being overworked and not relaxing the way we should. In fact, we’ve even changed the way we naturally breathe. We are “chest-breathers,” where our chests move with our breaths instead of our stomach. This type of breathing used  to be only reserved for fight-or-flight reflex purposes. It increases the heart rate and gets your blood pumping, but to live in this state for long periods of time is very unhealthy. With that being said, the reasons why to have a solid yoga routine are almost endless.

  1. Apparently I’m not the only one forgetting how to breathe properly, as Health and Fitness Travel brought it up as well.  Yoga reminds you of how to properly breathe – with your stomach. As a result, your lung capacity  will increase, which will do wonders for your blood pressure and other intense sports. (Crossfit anyone?)
  2. The Huffington Post writes that  just 20 minutes of Hatha yoga will improve brain function! Need to focus on a big project? Do a quick practice to regain that attention span and memory! So there’s that.
  3. St. John Providence Health Center recommends yoga for balanced muscles, improved balance and stability, posture, and body awareness. Because, you know, you need all of that for a good yoga practice.
  4. Yoga builds muscle all over from using your own body to resist the pose and sink deeper into it simultaneously. Want flat abs? Yoga. You’re welcome.
  5. Yoga can be used as a treatment for chronic pain! It all decreases levels of anxiety and depression, Yoga Journal reports.

While these are just five short reasons to give yoga a shot, attending one class will give you all the reasons you need to get a monthly pass. (And trust me, you will!)

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