11 Gifts to Give the Antsy and Emotional ‘Twin Peaks’ Fan in Your Life

When the return of David Lynch’s 1990s TV show Twin Peaks was announced last October 2014, MILLIONS of frustrated fans like me were elated and overjoyed by the news that we would once again be returning to the town of Twin Peaks. The show’s tentative release date in 2016 is exactly 25 years after the show’s second season ended, leaving a certain line in its final episode more cryptic than ever. We literally cannot wait to come back and revisit our favorite town filled with copious amounts of mysterious and eerie secrets as well as fresh coffee and cherry pie.


Image Source: Tumblr

And as if that wasn’t already enough, Kyle Machlachlan has just confirmed that the show’s adorable, eccentric, coffee-and-cherry-pie-loving Special Agent Dale Cooper is coming back. An entire year of waiting for the show to come back is bound to leave Twin Peaks fans with a lot of pent-up frustration and heaps of time to perfect their conspiracy theories, a lot of which have probably been left hanging since 1991.

Take a look at these 11 gifts to give the antsy and emotional Twin Peaks fan in your life who’s just waiting for 2016 to happen.

1. Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery in Blu-Ray

unnamed (1)

This is for the Twin Peaks conspiracy theorist who is utterly convinced that they need to spend every waking moment of their time re-watching the show’s first and second seasons for any clues they might have missed in their painstaking effort to piece together what really happened. Who knows what secrets might lie behind Laura Palmer’s last few days depicted in Fire Walk With Me? (Plus over an hour of deleted scenes that may very well give us another side of the story based on what Lynch himself chose not to include. Hmm.)

2. ‘A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee’ Mug


For the longtime members of Agent Dale Cooper’s Coffee Club who will never be able to describe a good cup of coffee in any other way.


Image Source: Tumblr

3. Vintage Copy of ‘The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer’


For those of us who have always been surprised to see a little bit of ourselves in the darkest corners of Laura Palmer’s mind.

4. Cozy ‘Twin Peaks’ Sweater


For the Twin Peaks fan who gets cold easily and is in need of less disruptive ways to publicly broadcast their love for their favorite fictional place.

5. ‘Twin Peaks’ Sticker Pack


For anyone who can appreciate unique art and is perpetually attached to these 18 characters of Twin Peaks who are each filled with their share of dark secrets.

6. Bubblegum Holder Filled with ‘That Gum You Like’


What better way to celebrate the fact that that gum you like is going to come back in style?

7. ‘Twin Peaks’ Wonderful and Strange Art Print


Spoken by Agent Dale Cooper himself, this may well be one of the shortest and most accurate descriptions of the entire show. This is perfect for any Twin Peaks fan to hang on their bedroom wall or to take with them everywhere around their house.

8. ‘Fire Walk With Me’ Shirt


For those of us who’ve been having a hard time admitting that they love fire-walking and secretly feed on souls at night.

9. ‘School Numbs My Buns’ Shirt


For the Audrey Hornes of the world who would rather be watching Twin Peaks than going to school.


Image Source: Tumblr

10. Log Lady Sweatshirt


For those of us who are tired of telling everyone that their log knows what’s up.

11. ‘Let’s Rock!’ Skirt


And finally, for the Twin Peaks fans who are just ready to rock come the shows’ return in 2016.

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