Use Your Voice

With the wave of the public’s interest in civil rights, it’s hard to avoid the topic when using social media.

Trends like #blacklivesmatter, #yesallwomen and #illridewithyou flooded Twitter.
Tumblr users went crazy over the topic, defending the minorities and hunting down those who abused them.
Videos invaded Youtube as protesters and by-standers recorded live events of such occurrences.

We’ve all heard that social media is a medium used by those who want to bully others, resulting in self harm and suicide.

However, I urge you to regard the other face of social media. It has brought attention to social issues and a greater demand for change.

Log onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or even YouTube. It will be there.

One of the main reasons I present this article to you is because of a recent video that Samuel L.Jackson posted on his Facebook. The fact that a celebrity has taken charge of the problem proves my point. Social media is also a medium used to call the People of America together and to demand change.

Here is the video…

I urge you to boost this to all your friends. Call/text/tweet anyone you know and bring attention to this now.

As Mr.Jackson noted, if you participated in #ALSicebucketchallenge then might as well join in #Icantbreathchallenge

Sure, you don’t get to watch videos of your friends giving themselves frostbite, but the effect of it is just as strong.

Use you voice and bring in attention to this issue. The People of America needs the change.

Readers of Candor news, I Challenge you to sing.

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