From My Music Library to Yours

Have you ever loved a particular, more obscure artist? I mean, like REALLY loved them? Remember that tight feeling that you got in your chest when they started to gain popularity? Remember how you couldn’t breathe when you first heard them on the radio? Remember how pissed you were when they got their first headlining tour? Remember how you almost RIPPED YOUR HAIR OUT when all of your friends suddenly started claiming said artist as their own and talking about how they’ve loved said artist “from the beginning”? I’ve been there, TRUST ME. Lucky for you, I’m about to revolutionize your playlist and bring you some fresh obscurity to obsess over, just make sure all your friends know you heard it first.


If you like The 1975, listen to The Kooks: I like to think of The Kooks as The 1975’s hot older brother. The Kooks have been around for a while, they released their first album, “Inside In/Inside Out” in 2006. With songs like “Naïve” and “Bad Habit”, it’s hard to understand why they’re not global sensations yet! It seems that this band had mastered walking the fine line between rock and alternative music, and they do it SO well.


If you like Vance Joy, listen to Foy Vance: Who hasn’t heard Vance Joy’s hit “Riptide”? WHO AMONG YOU HAS NOT OBSESSED AND SWOONED OVER HIS SEXY VOICE AND SOULFUL LYRICS?! If your heart melts like mine does, give Foy Vance a listen. He’s from the UK, and let’s face it, everything the UK has given us thus far, has been SUBLIME, Foy Vance is no exception. The only thing I could even compare his voice to, is satin, like the most lush, expensive satin. I just want to wrap myself up in his voice and melt. He has this incredible song with his tourmate,  Ed Sheeran (Yes, THE Ed Sheeran), called “Guiding Light” and it’s basically life changing.

Pop (as in “popular”):

If you like Hozier, listen to Matt Corby: Okay so… Hozier is INCREDIBLE, but Matt Corby makes me want to be a better human. His songs “Brother” and “Revolution” will change your world, and rightly so. Aside from the fact that Matt is Australian and incredibly hot, he’s also a crazy talented musician and I wouldn’t be surprised if he blew up over the next few years.


If you like Hunter Hayes, listen to Northern Nights: The lead singer is an Olympian, AN OLYMPIAN. What more do you NEED? The best way to describe this band is Hunter Hayes plus a little edge and a touch more intensity. Don’t expect love ballads, expect something soft, but also a little spicy, like something you can drive around in the middle of the day to.


If you like Big Sean, listen to Theo Martins: There is nothing I love more than getting hyped to a good, old fashioned rap banger and let me tell you, Theo Martins delivers. He’s like new rap, meets old rap, meets R n’ B and I’m obsessed. Not only is he a rapper, he’s also a model AND a DJ, like COME ON. My favorite song of his is “Windows 95”, check it out!

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