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Once in a while, MTV releases a show that just beats all the others. This time around, that show is Eye Candy. It stars Victoria Justice and trust me when I say this, her Nickelodeon past has nothing to do with her career now. I’ve seen a lot of people say that they won’t watch it because she used to be on Nickelodeon but I have one question: What does that have to do with what she’s doing now? Her acting on the show is great and the show itself is amazing.

With only four aired episodes, it has become one of my favorites. It follows Justice’s character, Lindy Sampson, a college drop-out hacker that helps others find missing relatives and friends after her sister Sara was kidnapped 3 years ago one evening. Now, doing ‘online charity’ by helping these other persons try to find their missing relatives, Lindy is put on a dating site by her roommate where she meets three guys. After that fateful night, a lot of weird things start happening to Lindy. As in, ‘serial killer is stalking you’ weird. This is where the show really kicks off as Lindy starts working with the NYPD to try and catch the killer before his victim list grows. The killer however, has an obsession with Lindy as she seems to be ‘flawless’ in his eyes. All his past victims have fallen because he sees flaws in them that they tried to cover up on their online dating profiles. The killer refers to Lindy as “The one he’s been looking for; the ideal” and just trust me, it’s epic and it is everything a show with this kind of plot should be.

I seriously recommend this show to anyone who likes good plot twists, that feeling of thrill and suspense and just good acting, this show is full of all of those things. There is a slight chance you should be careful if you don’t really like bloody or graphic things. As you can probably guess, since there’s a serial killer involved, there are some scenes where they have to show the killer’s victims and those scenes might be a bit too graphic for those of you sensitive to it. If you can weather through it though, you should seriously check it out.

Also, this is also to encourage persons to watch it on MTV AS it airs. I’ve seen a few posts on Twitter and Tumblr about it having bad ratings because not enough people watch it as it airs. I’m telling everyone to try and do so if they can because despite all the hype and how great the show is, if it doesn’t met the view ratings it hopes for, it might get cancelled. Like I said, once in a while, MTV does a great show and this is it and I really hope it goes on to more seasons. Another one of my shows was recently cancelled because of the same thing, not enough views as the episodes aired (Red Band Society on FOX) and I don’t want that to happen to Eye Candy.

So check Eye Candy out! It airs on Mondays on MTV at 10/9c.

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