3 Tips for Dealing with People You Don’t Like

We have all been there. Everyone has had a study partner, roommate, co-worker or teammate that they just DON’T like. That person may not even be all that awful, they just simply don’t gel well with you. I’ve had my fair share of awful encounters with people I don’t get along with and each time has taught me a new lesson on how to deal with people in a respectful and mature way.


None of us are the same, we each have different pet peeves and different likes and hobbies, and that is perfectly okay. Just keep that in mind when you’re dealing with someone you’re not particularly fond of. Just because you’re totally mature and easy to reason with doesn’t mean that person will be. I mean we can’t ALL be perfect right? *flips hair*


As the sane person in this scenario, it is your duty not to stoop to the level of the person you dislike. For example, say I hate my co-worker Suzi, I mean HATE her, I hate this girl so much that everything that comes out of her mouth feels like lava being poured into my ears. So Suzi and I work the same shift and I hear from a few other people that Suzi is talking about me to other people. As much as I would want to tell everyone how much I hate her and how awful she is, I must refrain. Suzi talking about me makes her look pathetic, and I’d look pathetic too if I started talking about her. It’s not worth it. Stay above the drama, that person isn’t even worth it.


I have often made the mistake of listening too closely to the words of my enemies. Just because someone says awful things about you doesn’t mean that they’re true. It only means that the person saying those awful things is super insecure about themselves. If it makes them feel better about their own sad lives to make fun of you and talk about yours, let them, but never make the mistake of believing them. You are special and wonderful and totally beautiful in your own way! Don’t let some naysayer tell you otherwise!

So, maybe my tips won’t magically make you and your enemy best friends, but they just might make interacting with them a little easier on you. Don’t let the haters dull your sparkle!

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