Little Mix’s “Black Magic” fails to cast a spell

If Little Mix’s new single “Black Magic” is any indication of how this album cycle is going to sound, then this Mixer is bracing herself for potential disappointment.

The British girl group’s single arrived Thursday, as a follow up to their 2013 release, Salute. After cancelling their US tour last year to continue work on their third studio album, fans of the girl group (myself included) eagerly anticipated the album.

After listening to “Black Magic”, I’m not so sure. Little Mix may have intended to bewitch listeners with this track, but they may need to hit the spell books one more time. Though undeniably fun, the song is just that. Fun. Where previous singles like “Move” and “Wings” had a distinct and unique sound, “Black Magic” is a knockoff of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. That’s not to say that the 80s hit is terrible, so much as that song doesn’t need to be replicated. Rather than moving forward, it feels like Little Mix has taken several steps back, releasing a song that would be expected from a girl group just starting out rather than a group that has broken records previously set by The Spice Girls.

Though I may be getting ahead of myself judging the entire album based on the first promo single – generally speaking, a very bad idea – I couldn’t find it in me to be interested by this song.

Maybe the next one will be more bewitching.

Rating: 1/5

Make up your own mind. What do you think of Little Mix’s latest? Check the video below and sound off in the comments! If you dig it, remember to buy the song on iTunes and keep up with all things Little Mix on Twitter.

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