Meet Your New Favorite Song: Sunday Candy

It started off a day like any other; I put a random Spotify playlist on shuffle, began my early commute, and mentally prepared myself for the day ahead. I was deep in thought (probably anticipating what I was going to eat for lunch) when the sounds of Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment’s nostalgic new tune “Sunday Candy” graced my ears for the first time – and I have made sure since then that it was not my last (just ask the repeat button on Spotify).

Originally Chance the Rapper’s (Chancelor Bennett) touring band, The Social Experiment (Nico “Donnie” Segal, Peter “Cottontale” Wilkins, Nate Fox and Chance himself) worked together to produce their new album Surf (2015) on which the song is featured. Chance is known for his breakout mix tape Acid Rap (2013), which he recorded during a ten-day suspension his senior year of high school (time away from school can be productive, after all) and his single “Family (Blended Babies Remix)” featuring Vic Mensa of Kids These Days. He had a large influence over the album but it is Donnie Trumpet (the band’s trumpet player, if you hadn’t already guessed by his stage name) who took the official lead on the project. He tells THE FADER magazine,

“We’re working on all this music together, but this project in particular is a Donnie Trumpet project. My music, with their influence and ideas, plus us all coming up with crazy sh*t to do. But at the end of the day, it’s my directing.”

The entire album is worth a listen (especially if you want to hear more of Donnie’s horn interludes), but it is “Sunday Candy” in particular, with its jazzy sound and lovely chorus sung by Jamila Woods, that really stands out.

“This song specifically is a great representation of [The Social Experiment’s] collaborative efforts,” Segal explained. “It’s my curation, but then bringing it to the table with all these beautiful people and including them in their own way. Jamila sang on that hook, then I brought it to the collective. Peter added some great layers of texture and helped produce, Nate added a bunch of drums, tons of our friends from Chicago played instruments and added their ideas,” Donnie says of the catchy tune.

What’s more, it is accompanied by an equally charming music video featuring a simple but delightful musical theater-themed set complete with mesmerizing choreography and dancers in ‘50s-style suspenders. Directed by Chicago’s own Austin Vesely but written by Chance himself, this video, as well as the song, are something to be shared.

Although the song has been out since last November and the music video was released last April and has almost two million views on YouTube, there are still many people (i.e. people who must live under a rock like me) who have yet to experience the sweetness of Sunday Candy. So spread the joy!

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