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Candor News


Candor News is a blog started to promote honest journalism. Our mission is to provide tons of articles on many different topics, but to provide unique and unbiased perspectives.

Candor News is not subscribed to any particular ideology.  We want our team members and their writings to be diverse and represent a broad array of  topics of their choice. This blog was started to promote honest journalism, but honesty doesn’t mean you live in a world of marshmallows. Our perfect aim is honest + fair, and that requires a recipe with no bias.

We believe that a good article is one with an opinion, that true, everyone may not like, but you can’t call it extreme or 100% fabricated. You can be gripping, radical, and moving, without being unfair. 

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  1. Really like this blog. I try to give a fair and honest opinion about politics in my blog, but you guys manage to pull it off with a multitude of topics. Very impressed!

    Follow my blog if you like what you see!

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