New Website Helps Organize Life

Surfing the web one afternoon, I stumbled upon a website called Springpad. Springpad provides an interface for its users to create lists and organize any aspect of life. But these lists, which Springpad dubs “Notebooks,” are not limited to text. Notebooks can be filled with pictures and even audio. Not only that, but items can […]

Organization Battles Mental Illness Stigma

One of the biggest stigma’s in American society today is that of mental illness. Mentioning that a loved one has a mental illness brings about a hush to the conversation, an exchange of glances and a quick change of topic. Glenn Close founded as a way to try and change the thoughts surrounding mental […]

The Advent of the Nursing Home

Recently, Western society has shifted its focus from the old to the young. Today youth is a prize above any other. Maybe it’s the classic American idealism which keeps the infinite potential of youth in the limelight. Either way, the view of the elderly has significantly deteriorated within the last hundred years. Historically old age […]

Texas Drought Leaves Lasting Effects

Last week I volunteered to paint a thrift store with a couple hundred other people. The paint project was outside, so when the sky went dark and the thunder rolled in all anyone could hear were groans. The rain inconvenienced us, left us without a purpose and became quite a nuisance. The irony of our […]

Every Voice Matters

There’s just something about knowing how much you’re valued. Everyone knows what I’m talking about, yet no one seems to be talking about the fulfillment that comes from knowing that even just one person hears what you say and is grateful that you said it. This, I would argue, is what makes life meaningful. On […]