New Teen Trend Could Do More Harm Than Good: Spanx

Most of us know what Spanx are. Whether you have worn Spanx, seen them in in stores, or even just heard about them, you know what they are. Spanx seems to have become a growing trend among adult women, for a variety of reasons. Of course, there are opponents to Spanx, who claim that Spanx […]

Fifth Grader’s Banned Essay Gains Recognition with New York City Council

Just a little while ago, Kameron Slade was very much your average fifth grader. That is, until the day in May that the ten-year-old boy received came home with an assignment to write a speech for a student competition at Public School 195 in Rosedale, Queens. According to his mother, April Grantham-Slade, Kameron claimed that […]

Utah Tea Party Activist Charged with Sexual Assault

Greg Peterson has lately gained himself a name among members of the Republican Party. He is a Utah Tea Party activist and a prominent fund raiser who owns a large cabin on the outskirts of Salt Lake City. In 2010, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, Peterson organized the first Rocky Mountain Conservatives Barbecue at […]

The Plight of the College Student (Part Two)

For those of you who have read the majority of my articles, you might remember the very first one that I wrote for Candor News: “The Plight of the College Student.” That article focused largely on the problem that college students face of finding anything productive to do during the summer, regardless of how much […]

An American Star: Andy Griffith

This past week was one of my favorite weeks of the year for one reason: Fourth of July celebrations with family. However, even in the midst of all the fun, there was still some sad news. On July 3rd, it was reported that Andy Griffith had passed away in Manteo, North Carolina. He was eighty-six […]

Abstinence-Only Education: Doing More Harm Than Good?

Sex Ed. class: for most middle or high schoolers, it’s not exactly their favorite class of the day. Most of us who are in college or beyond will remember the somewhat awkward days of middle school or early high school, when we had to spend about an hour a day sitting in a classroom with […]

Bus Monitor Bullying Reveals a Deeper Problem with Our Society

By now, most people have heard the story of the bus monitor in Greece Central School District in New York who was bullied by four seventh graders. The bus monitor, an older woman by the name of Karen Klein, was taunted by these four students during a bus ride in which they largely made fun […]

Restrooms: Leading to Issues over Equal Rights?

Let’s talk about restrooms. I’m sure that after you read that last sentence, the first thought on your mind was, “Why?” Before going further I’ll pose a few more questions. Have you ever felt that your access to a restroom was limited? Have you ever had to pay in order to use a restroom? Many […]

New Generation, Similar Struggles

Today marked the first day of my summer internship with the Georgia House Democratic Caucus; it was made particularly interesting by a tour of the Georgia Capitol building provided by my senior staff member. As Georgia’s most recent legislative session ended around March, the Capitol was unusually quiet. This gave me and the members of […]

The Plight of the College Student

With the month of July fast approaching, many schools across the states are setting their students free for summer break. For many students, this summer break seems to offer the promise of complete freedom (even if you are spending the entire summer at your house). However, with this year’s break already well under way, I […]