Zombie Apocalypse: possible, not quite plausible

You can tell a lot about people from their ability to hold a semi-serious conversation about the zombie apocalypse. Humor, intelligence, ethics, and most importantly, whether or not they would be someone that could help you survive all can all be derived from these exchanges. Weighing your post Z-Day choices against survival and personal morality […]

New Information Could Lead to an Image Reconstruction of a Suspect’s Face Based on DNA

One day, police may be able to actually to reconstruct a suspect’s face simply from samples of their DNA. This prospect is drawing nearer due to the recent identification of five genes that contribute to facial features and structures. There are already tests for predicting hair, eye, and skin color, based on DNA sampling; however, […]

Reality TV in Space: How Much Drama Could Mars Handle?

NASA’s successful landing of the U.S. Mars Rover, Curiosity, has reignited the dream to put men on the distant red planet, and consequently refueled the space race between global superpowers. President Obama has already announced that the U.S. plans to have men on Mars by 2030, but a Dutch start-up has said it plans to […]

Heated Chilean Student Protests Unveil a Flaw in U.S.Society

Americans take education for granted.  There I said it: someone had to.  There is no other explanation that can describe the trend in our culture that makes students loathe going to school, puts pop-culture and sports on pedestals way above academia, and allows only 4% of the country’s GDP to be spent on education.  The […]

Intelligent Textbook Helps Students Learn

One of my biggest pet peeves when studying is when I come across a word I don’t know, and the context of the sentence, paragraph, passage, what have you, is completely lost on me.  As biology student this occurrence is opt to happen more than I would like to admit (but really, how am I […]

May-Treanor and Walsh-Jennings Have Yet Another Shot at Gold: Their Opponent, Another U.S. Team

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings do it again, fighting back from two nerve-wracking deficits to defeat China in a two game sweep and move on to the Olympic gold medal match for beach volleyball. This is big news but nothing new for the formidable duo, who have strutted their volleyball prowess all around the world […]

Music Preview: Americana Collective Birds of Chicago Spread Their Wings

With their self-titled album set to release on October 2, Birds of Chicago showcase their aptitude for capturing Americana music in its most natural form. The album is made up of 12 original songs which encompass all the bluesy soul, acoustic power, and festive melodies that one should expect from the band L.A. times is […]

Successful ‘Curiosity’ Landing May Lead to a Resurge in Astronauts

On early Monday NASA’s rover, Curiosity, successfully landed on Mars, marking a paramount accomplishment in science and technology.  The 2,000 pound car-sized rover traveled 352 million miles to land in the pinpoint location of Gale Crater, a feat never before accomplished and, depending on the discoveries Curiosity turns up, may lead to manned-spacecraft missions to […]

Syria Needs Help: Why Are We Hesitating

Almost a year after President Obama urged Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down he enforces his statement by signing a covert order to allow the CIA and other agencies to support Syrian rebels. Publicly, the Obama administration has stated that it is assisting the rebels in Syria, but stopping short of directly arming the […]

World Heritage Sites

World heritage sites are specific locations around the world that the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) chooses based on a criteria of human cultural impact and biological and ecological significance. Currently there are 962 locations deemed to be world heritage sites: 745 of those are cultural sites; such as archeological ruins and […]

Aftermath of the Sandusky Trial: A Lesson for All

The dust is finally settling around the Penn State, Gerry Sandusky scandal.  Most people at this point know at least some of the large sanctions passed unto Penn State from the NCAA.  Now all that’s left is for people to decide what they think of the punishment, what it means for the future of college […]

New Indie Group Romans Releases Their First Single (w/Download)

“Mystery Girl” is the catchy first single by the newly formed indie-rock collaboration, Romans, that takes you through generations of rock music: 60’s brit-rock, 70’s glam, and 70-‘s funk-pop, all show their influence, and are connected with a unique modern twist. The song starts out with a groovy bass line and a straightforward bass-and –snare.  […]

Halo to Produce a Live Action Web Series

Following in the footsteps of other gargantuan game franchises, the creators of Halo 4 announced that they will be releasing a 5 episode live action web-series in October. The series is set to take place at the beginning of the war between humans and the alien race, the Covenant.  It will then follow the story […]

Massacre at Midnight Showing of ‘The Dark Night Rises’

Real-life horror struck moviegoers at the midnight showing of the new Batman movie when a masked man—dressed in riot gear creepily similar to that of a villain in the movie—opened fire, killing 12 and wounding 38. The grotesque scene took place around 1230 a.m. when the masked gunman, now identified as 24-year-old James Holmes, walked […]

Beautiful Photos From Around The World

After four months and over 12,000 photos submitted, the National Geographic Traveler’s photo contested ended on July 12th. This yearly contest gives a chance for photographers, both professional and not, to share their pictures from all over the world.  Every year photography enthusiasts hold nothing back: every photo submitted is as awe-inspiring as the last, […]

New Moon Refuels the Pluto Debate

The discovery of a fifth moon orbiting around Pluto gives hope to some in the battle to regain this dwarf planet’s once planetary status. Now able to brag five identified satellites, Pluto has more moons than any of the inner four planets combined.  The newly discovered moon, temporarily named P5, was discovered while were attempting […]

Seven Lions: A Beautiful Blender

For many, especially in the U.S., dub-step, (I’m sure many people won’t read past this word, but believe me, it’s worth it), is a trend as controversial as the Twilight series.  There are many who will baulk at the mere mention of the word, and who disapprove of any synthetic whomps in their songs without […]

Condoms Could Be Seen in Porn Soon

So I realize that my most recent posts have been dripping with science, and while they are all interesting and informative in their own right (at least I like to think so) I understand that not everyone wants to read about nonporous graphene, even if it may lead to a future without water shortages.  Stack […]

A Future With Potable Water For All?

Two scientists out of MIT have theorized a better way to desalinize water—remove the salt ions from salt water—that could make the 97 percent of Earth’s water found in its oceans and seas potable to drink. Earth can desalinify water through the natural process of evaporation and condensation, however this process takes time and often […]

Paradox: Indoor AC Cooling is Causing Global Warming

There’s no question about it; this summer is hot.  And while I may sit here typing in an apartment, sweltering in thick air uncooled by any device, I know for a fact that my little window AC unit is going to be working hard to keep me nice cool tonight.  That, however, is the problem.  […]