Book Review: Domestic Violets

It’s always wonderful to read a book and smile out of empathy. I use the word empathy intentionally. Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman is written in first person, the voice of a likable character, Tom Violet, going through things we can all relate to in one way or another. Watching someone else go through something […]

Moonrise Kingdom: Get In Touch With Your Childlike Self

I knew when I wanted to go to the theater yesterday that I wanted something original… you could even say quirky. So, we bought tickets for Moonrise Kingdom, and that is what we got: original and quirky. It was as refreshing yet familiar and humorous as a walk down memory lane – which would be […]

Taking the “Not” out of “Life’s Not Fair”

You hear the cliché “Life isn’t fair” all the time. While it’s true, it’s often used as an excuse to allow things to remain unfair – as a justification for apathy. However, the nonprofit world and all the people that contribute to it whether through donations, volunteer hours or committing their career paths fight to […]

Bonnaroo 2012: A Success

In early June 2012, 80,000 people from across the country and even the world gathered on a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee for the 11th year in a row. It is not often that you would see such a peculiar sentence. However, that in itself helps to describe the reason they went there: Bonnaroo. Bonnaroo […]

Album Review: Alhambra by Mother Falcon

In a generation of bumping Dubstep and countless solo electronic artists, the orchestral, tribal sounds of young Mother Falcon’s Alhambra are rare and hard to come across. Austin, Texas’s Mother Falcon sports 21 members (the oldest being in his 20s) with instruments ranging from cellos to accordions to mandolins. Alhambra, their second CD but first […]

Fall In Love With the Slam

I’ll admit it, when I first heard about “Slam Poetry,” I scoffed. What had my generation come up with now, I thought? When I asked for a description of the art, I heard the words “rap,” “spoken word” and other similar vague things and was further confused. It took until I was seated in Austin’s […]