A Negative Reaction to The Color Purple

The more I research the topic of the different ways society reacts to different movies, the more I learn. Before this week I had only heard positive things about the movie “The Color Purple.” However, after doing some research I have started to rethink my opinion of the movie. According to A Review of Contemporary […]

Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape

Famous wrestler and reality television star Hulk Hogan has once again become the talk of the media, but for a completely different reason. A sex tape of Hogan and his best friend’s wife, Heather Clem, was leaked out to the public several days ago. As one can expect this tape has caused a lot of […]

Drake Graduates High School at age 25

As of Wednesday, popular rap singer Drake, whose full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, can now say he is a high school graduate! According to Yahoo News, the talented musician dropped out of his Canadian academy 10 years ago at the age of 15 in order to peruse his dreams by co-staring in the hit […]

The Passion of The Christ Influence on Religion

Here is a personal reflection question: did The Passion of the Christ movie make you rethink your faith? Barnagroup.com conducted a survey several years ago asking individuals if they had seen a movie in the past two years that made them not only rethink their faith, but actually make a change in their life as well. Of those individuals […]

The Influence of Star Wars

It is pretty safe to say just about everyone in the United States, and a good portion of people around the world have at least heard of, if not seen, the very popular Star Wars movies. Is it really possible for one movie to change society drastically? Well apparently it is. Time Magazine wrote a […]

Gay Teen is Denied Scout’s Highest Honor

After 12 years of hard work and dedication, Boy Scout Ryan Andersen may not be awarded scouting’s highest honor, The Eagle Scout, solely because he is gay. Apparently the Boy Scouts of America has an anti-gay policy that was made public in 1992 and has had several revisions since then. Therefore, according to Yahoo News, […]

Changing the World for the Better

As a heavily bullied student in high school, Ashleigh Rolle was determined to not allow these troubles to bring her down. Instead, she used these struggles to build from, and to become the best person she could be. In fact, by building from these negative experiences, Ashleigh has been able to touch the lives of […]

Alcohol Enema Causes Near Death Situation

Towards the end of last week, police were called to Pi Kappa Alpha’s fraternity house on Knoxville’s campus. Arriving at the house, police found twenty-year-old Alexander P. Broughton lying unconscious in his own feces. Police say earlier that night Broughton participated in a drinking “game” known to students as “butt chugging.” “Butt chugging” consist of […]

Colorado Shooting Impacts Fan’s Interest in Movie

How much does our society really react to current events when deciding to go out and see a movie or stay inside for the day? Is it even a factor? Over the summer when our nation was struck with the tragedy of the Colorado shooting at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, the public had […]

Don’t “Super Size Me”

In 2004, America was hit with a very informative, and painfully truthful documentary about the health risks of fast food restaurants, and more specifically, the fast food king, McDonalds. This film was surprisingly successful making over 11.5 million dollars. Not only was this movie a financial success, but it also had a successfully lasting impact on […]

Free App Saves Time, and Money

Apple’s “Find iPhone” app has become much more than just an app to help locate your lost iPhone. The free app is now being used to help track down criminals and is making the policeman’s job a lot easier. News reports prove that it is definitely worth every iPhone users time to download the Find […]

What can a Positive Attitude do for You?

Maintaining a positive attitude, in this world, can be a very difficult task to achieve. It seems as if our world falls further into despair everyday. Why is it that news stations and websites seem to thrive on murder cases, poverty issues, and horror stories, but fail to mention anything positive that is going on […]

Big Changes to the ACC

For all the sport fans out there, ESPN has been buzzing this week about a big change coming to the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2014. It was announced on Wednesday that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish would be joining the ACC in all sports except football starting in 2014. The fact that the Atlantic Coast […]

NBC Chooses to Air Kris Jenner over the 9/11 Moment of Silence

On Tuesday morning, at 8:46 am, every news station in America, and most around the world, took a few moments out of their airtime to pay their respects, and participate in a moment of silence, which took place at The White House. That is, every station except one. NBC’s, “The Today Show” chose to interview […]

Kellie Pickler’s Bold Move

 On Tuesday, September 4th country singer Kellie Pickler became the newest member of the “pop stars with shaved heads” club. However, unlike the other members of the club, like Brittany Spears, who’s shaved head was a result of one of many mental breakdowns, Pickler’s decision to shave her head was definitely justified.  The American Idol, […]

The Future of Print Journalism

As our world continues to transform from a print age to a technology age, I am really beginning to wonder what the future of print journalism is going to be. I am taking a Media and Society class this semester, and the basis of the class is examining the past, present, and future aspects of […]

Joan of Arc

It is safe to say that Joan of Arc, or Saint Joan as some called her, is a very well known woman from the middle ages. From the French’s point of view Saint Joan was a Godly woman, with inspiring leadership, and the courage of a lion. She lead the French in a series of […]

Summer Movies in Review

With summer starting to wind down, the popular movie season has come to an end. Although, over all, it was a great summer for the movie industry, movie critics have submitted their reviews, and the hits and misses of movies for summer 2012 have been listed. According to Yahoo Movies, “The Reel Breakdown” places Joss […]

The iPhone 5

Has the time finally come? As rumors spread about a possible release date for Apple’s long-awaited iPhone 5, it seems as if “techies” are getting closer and closer to the edge of their seat. Although Apple will not answer any questions about these rumors, sources say word has broken out from a Verizon company that […]

Shia LaBeouf Goes from Hollywood films to Pornographic Films

According to Yahoo news, movie star Shia LaBeouf has made a huge decision to pause his Hollywood movie career to peruse a role in a Von Trier movie titled ‘Nymphomaniac’, which will include real on-scene sex scenes. As one can imagine, Shia’s girlfriend of almost two years did not take this decision very well. Reporters […]