Woes of a Biology Major

As a biology major with a passion for learning about diseases and diagnosis (and no interest in staying in a lab all my life), applying what I learn to medicine would be a logical step. Pre-med requirements also include physics, chemistry and a wealth of other courses. Then, there’s the grueling, five-hour MCAT which has […]

OnLive May Soon Go Offline

As technology advances, the concept of ownership has been evolving with it. The most drastic change occurred in how we consume media, which is more experiential than physical. Vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, DVDs and other forms of physical media have either become extinct or are on their way out. Today, people are more inclined to […]

The Faceless’s Autotheism Was Well Worth the Wait

It took rocker Axl Rose about $15 million and 15 years to complete Chinese Democracy. This would be unacceptable in the death metal scene, where studio time is hard to come by and long waits for fans usually mean the death of a band, regardless of its popularity. It’s easy to lose relevance if your […]

Over a Decade After it was Proposed, the Eisenhower Memorial is Yet to be Built

Few of us understand the trials of the Greatest Generation, the Americans who lived through the Great Depression and World War II.  Wars were fought differently then, with almost every move costing thousands of lives. As the men fought overseas, the people back home worked to support the war effort and made sacrifices for the […]

Summer Slaughter is a Beast with an Identity Crisis

Summer Slaughter is the last place you’d want to realize you don’t exactly fit into the metal community. Though I consider myself to have a fairly hardcore taste in music, this happened to me. The tour features some of the heaviest metal bands in the world and caters largely to a demographic that doesn’t try […]

As Athletes Reach Their Physical Peaks, Science and Technology Help Olympians Win Gold Medals

Humans are neither the fastest nor strongest species. However, unlike the lower animals, we have the knowledge necessary to better ourselves physically. The human itch for competition and our need for self-improvement spawned events like the Olympics. Coaches developed training regimens based on intuition and athletes succeeded through sheer power of will. But as records […]

Glass Cloud

Metal has so many subgenres that the terminology used to differentiate them has begun to lose meaning. I’ve been listening to this music for half of my life and the categorization has probably caused me to mistakenly ignore as many great bands as awful ones. I recently discovered a band on a reddit thread that’s […]

By Wearing Scrubs in Public, Medical Professionals May (Ironically) Be Making Us More Sick

At a recent family barbecue, things were going well until a woman in hospital scrubs showed up. It’s not that she wasn’t wanted there. She’d been invited just like everyone else. A nurse and a close family friend, she’s a friendly and funny person who lights up any gathering. On top of that, she connected […]

LOCOG Struggles to Fill Seats Fairly at the £2 billion London Games

Since the first Games organized by the International Olympic Committee in 1896, the Olympiad has been bringing the world’s nations together. Then, 14 nations competed. Today, the Games feature competitors from 205 nations. Billions of people root for their country’s athletes in the comfort of their own homes but more devoted fans make the trek […]

Changes in Federal Regulations Give Patients a New Right

Many consider blood tests to be a yearly formality. Feeling great, we reluctantly allow our physician access to our arm (preferably non-dominant). Most of us don’t even call to ask about the results, assuming the doctor has no bad news to deliver.  But for people with serious illnesses, results from blood and other tests can […]

As James Holmes’ Sanity is Questioned, Investigators Find Almost No Traces of the Accused Online

According to a Nielsen report released in 2011, Americans spend 63.5 billion minutes per year social networking and blogging. Of the two hours that Americans spend using the Internet per day about one fourth of this time is on sites like Facebook and Twitter. These statistics are interesting considering the fact that James Holmes, accused […]

London Plans for the Future as Preparations are Made for the Olympics

From the Summer Olympics held in China four years ago, we remember iconic buildings like the Bird’s Nest stadium and the bubble-textured Water Cube swimming center, eye-catching structures that distracted us from the fact that the Olympics are a logistical and infrastructural nightmare. The athletic facilities to house the actual sporting events are a priority […]

Folding Lawn Chairs are More Dangerous than Roller Coasters

Luckily, this year has brought news of relatively few amusement park fatalities and injuries. I was hesitant about my most recent visit to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania, but listened to the encouragement of my friends and statistics on the Internet to boost my confidence. Between 1987 and 2000, only 51 people were killed on these […]

Hitting the Gym? Science Proves Bringing an iPod and Some Friends is a Good Idea.

Other than the stench of sweat and the agony of exercise, the two worst things about the gym are the people who insist on working out in groups and the awful music. In my experience, musclemen (and women) working out together often leads to long lines for machines as they take turns outdoing one another, […]

Greenpeace and Others Bite into Apple’s Tough Skin

Apple has long been crafting an image of responsibility and transparency and hasn’t been investigated much until recently. In February, news sources reported on poor working conditions in the factories of the Chinese company Foxconn Technology Group, which assembles products for Apple. The company employs 1.2 million workers who practically live within the factory, taking […]

Metal is Not the Work of Satanists

Perhaps I’m wasting my time bringing this up and trying to counter the arguments of fanatics but the ridiculousness of what’s presented as fact in “Exposing Metal Bands (satanic illuminati) PART 1,” a video that surfaced on YouTube this week bothers me enough to call attention to it. I still can’t decide if the creators […]

RIM Might Not Be In Motion for Much Longer

I write this while occasionally glancing at a Blackberry Bold lying on my desk, a loaner that I’m using as my beloved Samsung gets sent off for repair. I’m so used to touchscreens that I sometimes tap the Bold’s small display to no avail. The keys feel too small to type on and the apps […]

Internet-pocalypse? World Wide Web-mageddon? Not Really.

If you’ve ever seen the Terminator movies, you’re probably familiar with Skynet, the fictional global computer system that goes haywire and causes all artificial intelligence to turn against humanity. Watching the news today, which much of the media referred to as the ‘Internet Doomsday’, you’d expect red-eyed robots to be walking the streets as hundreds […]

Microsoft Lures Consumers with $40 Windows 8 Upgrade

For years, Apple has dominated the consumer electronics market with its clean and simple aesthetic, “cool factor” and easy-to-use software. While Apple’s image pushes hardware into the hands of early adopters, one of its strongest selling points in terms of software is how easily and affordably its operating systems can be updated. Statistics show that […]

New Djent to Jitterbug to from Periphery

Excuse the following assumption, which is a side effect of the exclusive and sometimes elitist nature of the metal community. Browsing the App Store while you waited for Temple Run to download or while you were sampling the latest Bieber offering in the iTunes Store, you may have noticed a new album that, albeit momentarily, […]