Chris Lighty Committed Suicide

You probably haven’t heard of Chris Lighty, but you have heard of the artist he manages; Mariah Carey and LL Cool J. He was the founder of Violator Entertainment. The police responded to a call at 670 West 23nd Street in the Bronx, New York at 11:30 a.m. on August 30th. Lighty were only 44 […]

Paul Ryan’s Plan for the Youth

After Ann Romney, Mitt Romney wife, spoke Republican Paul Ryan stood on the podium and introduced himself to the nation. At the National Convention, the theme of the night was “We Can Change It”. Ryan is the first member of Generation X to be in the co-presidential campaign. Ryan said, “of my generation to give […]

Nick Lachey Is Going to Be A Daddy

The last time you really heard about Nick Lachey was during his marriage to Jessica Simpson. Now, he is a soon to be daddy to his wife, Vanessa Minnillo. In a few weeks, they will be welcoming their first child into the world. Vanessa has recently been on Wipeout as a co-host. On the show, […]

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Engaged

You have probably heard by now, about the engaged between the two musical icons, but what you haven’t heard is the secrets that sprung up with their relationship. However, many people had no idea about their relationship. According to reports, they started dating when Avril and Chad were working on her new album. A friend […]

Pussy Rioters Sentenced

Twitter was buzzing about the “Pussy Riot” with much confusion and equal support. A judge sentence the girl group to two years in prison for ‘crudely undermined social order’, after being the backbone of the protest against president Vladimir Putin. A little background on the group, the “Pussy Riot” is a Russian feminist punk-rock musical […]

Kristen Stewart Rumors False About “Snow White Sequel”

The speculation of Kristen Stewart being dropped from the sequel of “Snow White” is like any other rumor its just speculation. Universal studios co-chair Donna Langley announced on MTV News today that no such action as dropping Stewart has been made for the sequel. She said, “We are extremely proud of ‘Snow White and the […]

Mitt Romney’s VP Nominee

Finally, after months of guessing from the news it’s been announced that Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan is Romney’s VP nomination. On Saturday morning, August 11, decided to put all speculation to rest and name Ryan. During a rally at Norfolk, Virginia he started off his speech with “America’s Comeback Team”. Also during the introduction, Romney mainly […]

Shakeups in Season 6 For Jersey Shore

Upcoming season of “Jersey Shore” will be one unlike the rest. The biggest party girl, Snooki, is pregnant and “The Situation”, Mike, just got out of rehab. So the big question is, will there still be the hype and party life like other seasons? Pauly D talks to MTV about what he projects for the […]

Madonna Speaks Out

Madonna has received  a lot of controversy lately about her performances and now about her speaking out about LGBT rights. About a week ago, Madonna angered Russian government officials and then two days later she spoke out about a Russian punk band in St. Petersburg. It truly doesn’t come as a shock that she won’t let […]

Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband is Fighting For His Life

A few weeks ago, was the first anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death. Before Amy died she was criticized for her weight and her addictions that did not help with her problems and might have lead to her overdosing. After her death, though, she inspired people with charities and her new album. Now, her ex-husband, Blake […]

Myke Bogan’s Mixtape Review

A few weeks ago I wrote about the amazing upcoming artist, Myke Bogan. I was impressed when he spoke about how he wanted to bring the originality back to Hip Hop and his newest mixtape did not disappoint. Throughout the interview Myke expresses a sense of confidence and style unlike any other upcoming rapper. Now, […]

Video Music Awards

On September 6th the 2012 VMA’s will be broadcast on MTV. Last year was said to be one of the best VMA’s since the earlier 2000s. Now this year, the VMA’s will have an entirely new set and artists, from Skrillex to One Direction. The fans say they are excited for this VMA’s because they […]

“The Hobbit” Trilogy

Peter Jackson stated that his two-part adaption of “The Hobbit” will now be a trilogy. Jackson said in a Facebook message that the rumors of third movie were true. The first two were supposed to be December 2013 and 2014. The movie is said to hit theaters in the summer of 2014. However, no one […]

Madonna Booed Off Stage

On Thursday night, Madonna club show in Paris intended to promote tolerance ended with the crowd shouting refund. The show was supposed to be an intimate show at the City of Lights and streamed on YouTube. The show turned out to be a disaster when Madonna left the stage just after 45 minutes. The stop […]

William Balfour Sentenced

A Chicago judge sentenced William Balfour to three life sentences with no possibility of parole for the 2008 murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew. The Chicago Tribune stated that Judge Charles Burns added 120 years to the three life sentences for the other felonies of home invasion and kidnaping. The judge said that […]

Amy Winehouse Legacy

Today is the first anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death. In the past year she has put out an album and opened up a foundation for music in the UK. That’s a lot for someone that hasn’t been alive for a year. She contributed to so much when she was alive with just her music and […]

Fred Willard Arrested!

When you hear of Fred Willard you think of a happy-go-lucky actor, however, he was arrested on Wednesday for lewd conduct. The veteran actor and comedian was arrested Wednesday night at a movie theater in Hollywood. TMZ stated that the actor was caught with his pants down at Tiki Theater in Hollywood, California. The LAPD […]

Love Show Fanatics

The new craze on television is shows about finding true love. Recently, shows like “Love in the Wild” and “The Choice” have provided people you can find love with; well you can find love on a well-scripted show. The shows target audiences are young to middle-aged women that want “true love”. Even though there have […]

Lust for Megan Fox

Born May 16, 1986, Megan went from being the teen dream girl to a sex symbol for the media. once she became a famous actress and model. She started acting in 2001 with little television and film roles before she got her first big break as a regular on “Hope & Faith”. But her real big […]

Interview: Myke Bogan

“Don’t call me a rapper cause that just don’t sound right, see rapper want plays and want to get paid not even make an impact just want to get round type, but me I’m bout hip hop” -Myke Bogan. He is unlike anything you have heard before and has brought the 90s hip-hop sound back. […]