New Face to the “Dark Knight”

Joseph Gordon Levitt, you’ve heard of him in weird indie movies (and big films like 10 Things I Hate About You, 50/50, Inception, 500 Days of Summer, etc.) and now you will see him in a dark movie. He is unlike the other actors in the respect that he doesn’t care about his celebrity status. […]

Better Average Than Extreme

I’ve never believed in too much exercise, but now the experts are saying that too much exercise can be fatal. I used to play basketball and throw for track, so I’ve had my heavy workouts, but I would’ve never believed that they could cause more harm than help. When I was in high school it seemed […]

Another Face to the Wayans Family

You’ve probably heard about the Wayans Brothers and how they hit the comedy scene with famous shows and movies. Now, the next generation of the Wayans family is coming to the scene. Damon Kyle Wayans Jr., son to Damon Wayans, is an actor, writer, and stand up comedian. He has been in a variety of […]

Party Location That Kills

The phrase “Party to Death” is true when it comes to the remote village of Vang Vieng, Laos. Looking for something new, college students from all over the world come to Vang Vieng because it’s the largest party capital in the world. However, there has been a spike in sudden deaths occurring there. You would […]

The Truth About Sexuality

A few weeks ago President Obama publicly stated that he supports gay marriage. This led to many controversies between politicians and the public, which then led to people questioning whether Obama really did support gay marriage or if it was just a strategy to help him gain more votes in the next election. Very few […]

Bringing Rap to the Last Frontier

You probably haven’t heard the name Lonnie Dangerous, but he has the number one album of the year in Alaska. The album, “Just the Tip”, showcases other Alaskan artists and promotes the hip hop life in Alaska. People do not believe that Alaska has any good hip hop rappers, however, the album shows all races […]

Sex Symbol of Tattoos

The media show cases a variety of different sex symbols in television and magazines through people or products. As of the past fifty years tattoos have become more popular in the idols of today. Many famous people from the 70s such as Cher promoted her tattoos and now artists like Lil Wayne are tatted up. […]

A New Face to a Bright Future

Florence is a breath of fresh air to a mist of identical musicians. Florence + the Machines is an indie rock band containing lead singer Florence and a background band. Initially, the public did not notice the band, but when BBC praised them their music gained momentum. BBC put some of the bands songs in […]

Sex Charges in Every Sport

A few weeks ago I wrote the article about Nate Webster and the sex charges against a teenager. I decided to look up more about sex charges against players of every sport. I found a shockingly amount of these same reports from every sport. We see major sports players as idols, however, with this re-occurrence […]

Television Dominance

NBC news has been a dominant presence on television winning the ratings against competition from the evening and Sunday morning news. NBC has had a 16-year winning streak, however, In April their record is broken. Allegedly they have been declining in ratings to the point of changing Ann Curry on “Today”. Shows such as “NBC […]

The London 2012 Olympics

36 days left till the 2012 London Olympics! This year the Olympics theme is “Inspire a Generation”. Commercial are showing the U.S.A.’s team spirit for the event. The news is showing the excitement of the nation for their U.S.A. team. Speaking of the team, Nike has made new uniforms for them being prominently red with […]

Predictions for Euro

Last years Champs, Russia, prove to be a powerhouse this year, however, the Ukraine and Croatia have come far from being the underdogs. This year the UEFA Euro 2012 is being held in Poland and the Ukraine, which is there first time either country has held this tournament. It begins from June 8th to July […]

Jail for a Bengal

Nate Webster an achieved Cincinnati Bengal linebacker was sentenced to to 12 years in prison for having sex with a minor. After a very long trial he was finally sentenced on Wednesday in Ohio. The girl was a the daughter of an assistant coach for the Bengals. In April the court convicted him for unlawful […]

How’s your Fantasy League?

With the East and West coast play-offs coming to an end the gamble on fantasy league has become unbearable. The west coast games between Oakland City and the Lakers proved to be one of the toughest continuous games of the season, which ended with Oakland City prevailing. The east coast rivalry of the Heat versus […]

Controversy of the Game

One of the most highlighted sports in the U.S. is the NBA. The audience cheers on their favorite team and ridicules the other.  In recent years there has been a major controversy in the game with pay. The players had a lockout and the season got pushed back much farther than expected. Some players like […]

Winners Delight

As you can see from the picture, the excitement in the players eyes for the NBA playoffs is ecstatic Both players know that this will all soon be over and the finale will determine which team is better. In 2008, LeBron was in tears after the game 7 loss in the playoffs. Now geared up for […]