Romney Raises $100 Million

Mitt Romney’s campaign raised $100 million in June alone. It sounds like a lot of money right? That’s because it is. It doesn’t beat Obama’s record from 2008 of $150, but it shows Romney’s potential to do so in the coming months. It seems ridiculous to spend hundreds of millions just to get elected. Well when everyone […]

Tech Industry Looks to the Sea

It is apparently a fad for rich tech company owners to purchase islands. The most recent of these is Oracle CEO Larry Ellison who purchased most of Lanai, an Island in Hawaii. Often these purchases aren’t just for the purpose of building a really cool house and getting away for a private vacation. Sometimes these tech […]

The Lumineers Shine Through

The Lumineers is one of those bands that really just hits the right spot. Their self-titled debut came out in April of this year and it has retained a steady presence on pop and alternative charts. It was their first single “Ho Hey” that really put them on the fast track for fame — it […]

8 Shows in 24 Hours

The Flaming lips have pulled off a pretty cool feat. The previous record holder for most shows in 24 hours was Jay-Z at 7. The Flaming lips set out to beat him by just 1. And they did just that Thursday night, ending in New Orleans. The band played super quick sets at various cities […]

Google Makes An AppleTV

The new Nexus Q device from google is interesting. It can play music, YouTube videos, it connects to your phone and tablet and reminds me a lot of a AppleTV only for Android. The idea is kind of cool. What is cool about this is its potential. When google music came out it was confusing. […]

Supreme Court Makes Ruling on Affordable Care Act

Today in a 5-4 vote the Supreme court has held up the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. The main point of debate was over the mandate that everyone buy health insurance or face high penalties. The government can do this because it is essentially another tax. Most people already have health insurance. So this […]

Dotcom At It Again

Prior to his arrest, Kim Dotcom has been talking about a new website that might give artists more power. Well, the other day he tweeted about it. He is calling it Megabox and it will supposedly allow artists to keep 90 percent of the profits compared to services like iTunes that take out a 30 […]

A Level Playing Surface

Apple may have to finally begin sleeping with one eye open. The old champion, Microsoft, made a splash in the tablet market earlier this week. There answer to the iPad is what, from technical specs alone, appears to be a faster, smarter tablet called the surface. Microsoft’s history with keeping up on the latest tech […]

Finding the Best of Netflix Instant

If you are like me and tired of all the crap that Netflix suggests to you and are fed up, there might be a solution. In fact, there are many. You’ve probably thought to google things like “Good Netflix Moves” or ” Best of Netflix”. That will only get you so far. Websites like to […]

Thom York Hints at Collaboration

Standing in the dense stacks of fans in front of the what stage Friday night at Bonnaroo gave me a powerful feeling. As Thom York belted his lyrics and an array of dancing screens tranfixed the audience the band played songs new and old. At one moment, just before going into “Supercollider”, York mentioned that […]

Internet Kills The Porn Star

If you have seen the movie “The Zodiac Killer” then you are familiar with the way serial killers can use the press to their advantage. In the time that movie is set and before the last few ears, all these killers had were letters to the local paper and police. However, with that tool they […]

Gay Marriage Gains Ground

On May 9th, in an ABC interview, President Obama stated that “he now ‘”personally’” believes gays and lesbians should have the right to mary.” [1] This, obviously huge move, has been a long time coming. Apparently Obama has “been going through an evolution on this issue.” Haven’t we all? His path to support of gay […]