Fall Fashion Trends of 2014

1. Moto Jackets There’s just something so badass about wearing a moto jacket, also known as a motorcycle jacket. It’s sexy, edgy, and totally “in” for the fall. And this season’s versions are cooler than ever, with their intricate zipper designs. Designers also added some feminine touches to them, that way you can also wear […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Eid Bazaars

We’re right in the middle of Ramadan 2014. This entails days of fasting, nights of worship, and… Eid bazaars. These emblems of desi society can be tricky for beginners, so read on to find out how even you can navigate your first Eid bazaar with ease and sophistication. Firstly, how do you know if you’re […]

Summer Fashion Trend Alert: The Kimono

It’s time to kiss your cardigans goodbye! There’s a new clothing item in stores and everyone seems to be sporting it. I’ve got the scoop on one of the hottest new fashion trends of this summer: the kimono. No, I’m not talking about the traditional garment that the Japanese wear; don’t get me wrong, I […]

Healthy is the New Haute

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “wearing sweatpants is a sign of giving up.” Little did he know, however, that gym and casual wear would one day rise and become an up and coming trend. Designers have recently found interest in a type of attire that people have stowed away deep in their closets for the past […]

Technology and Fashion Had a Baby and it was all Good.

2013 introduced us to the beautiful marriage of fashion and media. Resulting in their fabulous children, blog, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. And 2014 shows that this family will continue to expand. Take Lauren Coppin Campbell for example, a beautiful, insightful, and well spoken 16 year old whose Fashion Killer blog has over 8,000 page views […]

Afrocentric Spring Wear

So with spring approaching upon us, it’s time for everybody to liven up their closets with some color and cool patterns. One trend that I am personally fond of is the Afrocentric clothing that people are becoming more open to. It’s a sign of some people even going back to their original culture. One website in particular […]

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Following in Big Sisters’ Footprints

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the hottest teen entrepreneurs right now: They have their own jewelry line, a new clothing line coming out, a successful blog on Celebuzz, they’re currently fashion contributors for Seventeen magazine and are coming out with a new book that is expected to be as good as “Twilight.” But, with a […]

Kellie Pickler’s Bold Move

 On Tuesday, September 4th country singer Kellie Pickler became the newest member of the “pop stars with shaved heads” club. However, unlike the other members of the club, like Brittany Spears, who’s shaved head was a result of one of many mental breakdowns, Pickler’s decision to shave her head was definitely justified.  The American Idol, […]

The Wooden Wardrobe

Just looking at pictures of Fraser Smith’s work would cause you to think he was a clothing designer, but a closer look will reveal his amazing talent and eye for detail. The pieces Smith creates are made entirely of wood. Using a technique called trompe l’oeil Smith has created almost an entire wardrobe’s worth of […]

Lady GaGa joins the dark side with fragrance “Fame”

The title track off her 2008 album The Fame declares that she’s “obsessively opposed to the typical,” a philosophy that is revisited by her début fragrance. Earlier this summer, images of GaGa’s first-ever fragrance leaked, prompting the artist to release details ahead of schedule. Alongside a photo of the bottle – which is a deep […]

Project Runway alum Christian Siriano definitely “made it work”

The young designer is crossing into new fashion-forward territory in NYC. Whether you loved him or you hated him, there’s no denying that fan favorite Christian Siriano was fierce. Siriano wowed Project Runway judges at the 2008 New York Fashion Week with a twelve-piece collection of dramatic musketeer-inspired couture, which featured ruffles, feathers, and head-wear, […]

Excuse me? I’ll have the designer handbag with a side of stupidity, thanks!

If it wasn’t apparent already, it certainly is now: Americans will buy anything, and no, I’m not referring to Burger King’s atrocious Bacon Sundae. Cue minimalist designer Jil Sander’s entry into the conversation; hailing from Germany, Sander has created a $200 million empire consisting of men and women’s apparel, accessories, and fragrances. Sold in prominent […]

Rep Yo Self: Halfbreed Clothing Company Ignites A Cultural Movement

America’s historic internal conflict regarding issues of race and ethnicity has led to centuries of racism and injustice for the minority people who call this country home. Although these issues sometime divide communities, Rudy Tee, founder and creator of Halfbreed Clothing Company has made it his mission to disregard the racial status quo. Halfbreed Clothing […]

A Blonde Bombshell

Recent upheaval surrounding Kate Upton’s latest debut on the cover of Sports Illustrated has not only led to some inappropriate commentary concerning women’s weight and health but has also uncovered a truly concerning aspect of society. The publication of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has left many surprised. Kate Upton, a former Guess model […]

Beauty by Mail

Imagine having high-end beauty products picked out for you and sent straight to your door every month. This is what Birchbox has become notorious for in the last year, expanding a small business thought up by two women into a powerhouse service that continues to grow. The company have even gone as far as creating […]