The Dark Side of Oscar Pistorius

As the fifth day of Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial comes to a close, a different side of the Olympic athlete surfaced. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel began to paint a grim picture of the blade runner, revealing a hot-tempered man who defies authority, loves women and recklessly uses guns. On Friday, Pistorius’ ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor described the […]

The Fastest Man on Earth

The saying, something is “as fast as lightning” definitely describes Usain Bolt in one sentence. This young man may have been born and raised on an isolated island in Jamaica, but his name is now known by millions of sports fans around the world. His almost unbelievable skills started shinning through as a child and […]

The 2012 Men’s Team Vs. The 1992 Dream Team

The question of whether or not the 2012 United States men’s Olympic basketball team could defeat, or even compare, to the almighty 1992 Dream Team has been the talk of the sport’s nation for weeks now. At first, the fact that this question was even being asked seemed completely absurd, to most sports fans. I […]

Greek Woman Kicked Out of 2012 Olympics

One can only imagine the nightmare it would be for an athlete to be kicked out of the Olympics after years of rigorous training. Unfortunately, this nightmare became reality for Greek track star, Voula Papachristou. Papachristou was expected to take part in the Triple Jump competition in the 2012 summer Olympics. However, just days before […]