Mom Set House On Fire To Kill Son?

41-year-old, Lamonica Anganette Hill, is still being investigated today after she allegedly set her apartment on fire September 13 around 1 a.m with her child still in the home. She told fire investigators that she had set her apartment on fire while her heavily medicated son slept in another room was because she was sleep-walking […]

Seth Goldstein Stops High School Cross Country Race To Save Rivals Life

On the second loop of his cross country race, high school runner, Seth Goldstein, voluntarily fell behind to save the life of a runner on a rival team. “I was feeling good,” Goldstein, 17, a senior at Cooper Yeshiva High in Memphis, Tenn., told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “That’s when everything happened in front of […]

NBC Chooses to Air Kris Jenner over the 9/11 Moment of Silence

On Tuesday morning, at 8:46 am, every news station in America, and most around the world, took a few moments out of their airtime to pay their respects, and participate in a moment of silence, which took place at The White House. That is, every station except one. NBC’s, “The Today Show” chose to interview […]

Missouri Women’s Stuck Accelorator Takes Her On A Wild Ride

While driving down Interstate Highway 35 in Missouri, Lauri Ulvestad, 47, had the most terrifying experience she could possibly imagine. Ulvestad’s accelorator got stuck as she drove up the interstate and topped speeds up to 120 mph. With no way to slow down, she weaved through traffic and even a construction zone trying to avoid […]