Is that news? I mean it happens all the time.

What is it about pain, anger, suffering, anguish, and death in America, that has desensitized us, it boils our blood at the time, much like the news that the innocent were done wrong? But then we sink back into complacency and sit there, like bumps on a log, until something else comes along. What and […]

The Influence of Star Wars

It is pretty safe to say just about everyone in the United States, and a good portion of people around the world have at least heard of, if not seen, the very popular Star Wars movies. Is it really possible for one movie to change society drastically? Well apparently it is. Time Magazine wrote a […]

The Advent of the Nursing Home

Recently, Western society has shifted its focus from the old to the young. Today youth is a prize above any other. Maybe it’s the classic American idealism which keeps the infinite potential of youth in the limelight. Either way, the view of the elderly has significantly deteriorated within the last hundred years. Historically old age […]