Are Celebrities Helping or Harming the Feminist Movement?

One of the best indicators of popularity in the teenage girl kingdom is a spot on the “trending” page of Wanelo. For those familiar, it is generally a mecca of pop-culture referencing t-shirts, sexy two piece bathing suits, tribal print sunglasses, and all things TFIOS. The trending page is no stranger to black sleeveless tank […]

Maleficent: Penitence for the Past, Rip-off of Frozen

**Warning: Major Spoilers Throughout**             As the movie’s name would suggest, Maleficent focuses on the eponymous character played by Angelina Jolie. The story is touted as a remake of the 1959 Sleeping Beauty, with a poster proclaiming, “Don’t believe the fairy tale.” Disney seems to put a large emphasis on […]

Sex Symbol of Tattoos

The media show cases a variety of different sex symbols in television and magazines through people or products. As of the past fifty years tattoos have become more popular in the idols of today. Many famous people from the 70s such as Cher promoted her tattoos and now artists like Lil Wayne are tatted up. […]