Internet Kills The Porn Star

If you have seen the movie “The Zodiac Killer” then you are familiar with the way serial killers can use the press to their advantage. In the time that movie is set and before the last few ears, all these killers had were letters to the local paper and police. However, with that tool they […]

Social Media has been Plagued with Zombie Virus

As far as I know, the dead are not currently becoming reanimated to roam around and eat the flesh of the living, but while the zombie apocalypse may still be in the unforeseen future, it seems as though zombies have taken over at least one aspect of our lives. This past week social media sites […]

Teenage Recreation Gone Astray

On Saturday May 26th Ronald Poppo, an innocent homeless man, was victim to a bloody assault in which 31-year-old Rudy Eugene chewed off a large portion of Poppo’s face. Many have suspected that this cannibalistic attack was the start of a zombie apocalypse, but doctors have confirmed that Eugene was high on a synthetic drug […]