Air Testing by Kite in Chinese Cities

Air pollution has been an undeniable crisis in China, with the stars hidden by layers of tainted smog in many cities. Government officials, however, have always dodged the issue. They cite the developing status of the nation as an excuse for the environmental contamination. What’s worse, they refuse to release quantified data on the air […]

Culture Shock in Dubai

I write this from the bus in 40 degrees heat, outside the largest shopping mall (Dubai Mall) in the world, the tallest building (Burj Khalifa) in the world a mere 10 minute walk away. Coupled with having just seen marina animals behind the world’s largest acrylic window (of the Dubai Aquarium), it struck me how […]

City Boy in the Wilderness

It’s Saturday and it’s 3:09pm, the only reason I am aware of the time is due to my Mac Book Pro. Not knowing the time has been a luxury on this campground. I came here with my friend Dominick’s family. Months ago Dominick suggested numerous time I should come to his house. Despite many preconceived […]