Will TIME’s Next Person of the Year Be Sponsored by Red Bull?

As we speak, the editors from TIME magazine are once again convening to determine who the Person of the Year will be. Intended to identify the person who has most influenced the news, previous winners include such names as Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, and current president Barack Obama. You might recall that last […]

New Information Could Lead to an Image Reconstruction of a Suspect’s Face Based on DNA

One day, police may be able to actually to reconstruct a suspect’s face simply from samples of their DNA. This prospect is drawing nearer due to the recent identification of five genes that contribute to facial features and structures. There are already tests for predicting hair, eye, and skin color, based on DNA sampling; however, […]

Restrooms: Leading to Issues over Equal Rights?

Let’s talk about restrooms. I’m sure that after you read that last sentence, the first thought on your mind was, “Why?” Before going further I’ll pose a few more questions. Have you ever felt that your access to a restroom was limited? Have you ever had to pay in order to use a restroom? Many […]