10 Things People Tell Me When I Say I Never Want Children

The day I become pregnant is the day I consider myself an unfortunate character trapped in a horror film. As a little girl, I was told that someday I would (inevitably, according to everyone) have kids of my own, have a husband, and own a suburban home where i’d make a comfortable living as a […]

Are Celebrities Helping or Harming the Feminist Movement?

One of the best indicators of popularity in the teenage girl kingdom is a spot on the “trending” page of Wanelo. For those familiar, it is generally a mecca of pop-culture referencing t-shirts, sexy two piece bathing suits, tribal print sunglasses, and all things TFIOS. The trending page is no stranger to black sleeveless tank […]

Upbeat Talk Show Host, Comedienne is Walk of Fame Reciepient

Today, talk show host and comedienne Ellen Degeneres has something new to dance about. On September 4, talk show host, actress, and comedienne Ellen Degeneres was awarded a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In attendance was her mother, Betty Degeneres; her wife, Portia de Rossi; and colleagues such as Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy […]

Lost Again, Nemo?

Comedienne and TV personality, Ellen Degeneres, has said numerous times on her talk show how she would love to be involved in a sequel for the 2003 Disney hit, Finding Nemo. Well, it looks like her wish to return to her clueless but lovable character, Dory, has finally come true. Almost 10 years later, it […]