White-Nose Syndrome Alarming Threat to North American Bats

In caves throughout North America, bats are suffering from Geomyces destructans, or white-nose syndrome. Millions of bats in over twenty U.S. states and at least five Canadian provinces are falling victim to this disease, which is quickly spreading to more caves throughout North America. White-nose syndrome, or WNS, is a disease contracted by hibernating bats. […]

New Plastic-Eating Fungus Provides Hope for the Future

A new species of fungi discovered in the Ecuadorian Amazon has shown the ability to degrade polyurethane plastics. The species Pestalotiopsis microspora seems to enjoy eating plastic, and is even able to survive eating only polyurethane plastic.  The species is also able to degrade plastic in an anaerobic environment, which bodes well for implications of placing the […]