A Problem that Cannot be Solved With BBQ

In the early 1500’s the Eurasian wild boar was brought over to the Americas. Initially, it was a domesticated animal and a food source for new settlers. But pigs of any sort are crafty creatures and many of the domesticated Eurasian boars made their escape. Hundreds of years later, the ancestors of the wild boar […]

Another Look at a Common Bird

When we think of common birds found year-round in North America, we think of robins, blue jays, cardinals, and the Canadian goose. The house sparrow is also one of the most common birds found throughout North America. Considered to be of least concern on the ICUN list, the house sparrow is also an incredibly successful […]

A Prickly Nuisance for Ohio

In the early 1800’s, a rosebush called the multiflora rose was brought from Asia into the United States. Like some species introduced into a non-native area, the multiflora rose had a purpose to serve. Originally, it was just a pretty, if thorny, ornamental flower, but it was also used as a natural fence for fields […]

What Lurks in Lake Erie?

When it comes to invasive species and Lake Erie, zebra mussels are the least of our worries. Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes are brimming with invasive species. Everything from fish to mussels to plants have wormed their way into the native ecosystem and are thriving throughout the Great Lakes area. All of these […]

Japanese Knotweed a Problem in Europe and North America

Fallopia japonica, or Japanese knotweed, has a long, slender stem and a hollow middle. Young stems are edible if somewhat bitter in taste. The leaves are oval shaped and in late summer or fall, the knotweed may have small white flowers. Beekeepers value Japanese knotweed because it is an important source of nectar that creates […]

An Easy Way to Stop the Spread of Garlic Mustard

Garlic mustard, or Alliaria petiolata, is a plant between twelve and thirty-six inches high with round green leaves and small white flowers. It is considered an herb and is possibly one of the oldest discovered spices to be used in ancient European cooking. The plant was also used in curing and disinfecting injuries. Even today, […]

Trouble in the Land of Blueberries

Maine is worried about this year’s blueberry crop, which is an issue because Maine’s blueberries provide for many of the country’s favorite blueberry things including muffins, jam, yoghurt, and blueberry soda. It is predicted that the crop will be down several million pounds from last year’s crop, and the worry is that it will only […]

There is an Invasion. And it doesn’t Involve Body Snatchers.

The emerald ash borer is a beetle native to Asia. Metallic green and less than an inch long, this insect can easily fit on the surface of a penny. And it is capable of destroying ash trees. The emerald ash borer was introduced into Michigan in 2002. It’s not clear how, but it was likely […]