The Fastest Man on Earth

The saying, something is “as fast as lightning” definitely describes Usain Bolt in one sentence. This young man may have been born and raised on an isolated island in Jamaica, but his name is now known by millions of sports fans around the world. His almost unbelievable skills started shinning through as a child and […]

The USA’s New Golden Boys

This summer, girls’ hearts have been taken by storm. The 2012 Olympics has not only brought us entertainment and a reason to dawn the old red, white, and blue all summer long, but has also given us some er… nice views to look at in the process. The USA men’s swim team is made up […]

Let the Women Play

As countries across the world gear up for the London 2012 Olympics, which are due to open on July 27th, Ken Roth, Executive Director of New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) writes on Thunderclap, “The Olympics launch in a month and Saudi Arabia stands alone in the world banning women from sport. By refusing to […]

The London 2012 Olympics

36 days left till the 2012 London Olympics! This year the Olympics theme is “Inspire a Generation”. Commercial are showing the U.S.A.’s team spirit for the event. The news is showing the excitement of the nation for their U.S.A. team. Speaking of the team, Nike has made new uniforms for them being prominently red with […]