Michael Clarke Duncan Dead

The death of 54 year old Michael Clarke Duncan, is trending on Twitter, Facebook and various other social media websites. Most people know the comedic actor from Green Mile, but since I have never seen that film, when I think of Duncan, the movie The Whole Nine Yards with Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis come […]

Condoms Could Be Seen in Porn Soon

So I realize that my most recent posts have been dripping with science, and while they are all interesting and informative in their own right (at least I like to think so) I understand that not everyone wants to read about nonporous graphene, even if it may lead to a future without water shortages.  Stack […]

Bringing Rap to the Last Frontier

You probably haven’t heard the name Lonnie Dangerous, but he has the number one album of the year in Alaska. The album, “Just the Tip”, showcases other Alaskan artists and promotes the hip hop life in Alaska. People do not believe that Alaska has any good hip hop rappers, however, the album shows all races […]