Sex Cymbals

Today’s offering is called “Sex Cymbals,” a topic and title that is predicated upon the homonymic relationship between “symbols,” the things that are used to physically-yet-quietly represent something, and “cymbals,” the very loud instruments generally used to garner attention. For instance, Marilyn Monroe would have been a regular “sex symbol” back in the 40’s and […]

Pussy Rioters Sentenced

Twitter was buzzing about the “Pussy Riot” with much confusion and equal support. A judge sentence the girl group to two years in prison for ‘crudely undermined social order’, after being the backbone of the protest against president Vladimir Putin. A little background on the group, the “Pussy Riot” is a Russian feminist punk-rock musical […]

Madonna Booed Off Stage

On Thursday night, Madonna club show in Paris intended to promote tolerance ended with the crowd shouting refund. The show was supposed to be an intimate show at the City of Lights and streamed on YouTube. The show turned out to be a disaster when Madonna left the stage just after 45 minutes. The stop […]