Summer Slaughter is a Beast with an Identity Crisis

Summer Slaughter is the last place you’d want to realize you don’t exactly fit into the metal community. Though I consider myself to have a fairly hardcore taste in music, this happened to me. The tour features some of the heaviest metal bands in the world and caters largely to a demographic that doesn’t try […]

Glass Cloud

Metal has so many subgenres that the terminology used to differentiate them has begun to lose meaning. I’ve been listening to this music for half of my life and the categorization has probably caused me to mistakenly ignore as many great bands as awful ones. I recently discovered a band on a reddit thread that’s […]

Metal is Not the Work of Satanists

Perhaps I’m wasting my time bringing this up and trying to counter the arguments of fanatics but the ridiculousness of what’s presented as fact in “Exposing Metal Bands (satanic illuminati) PART 1,” a video that surfaced on YouTube this week bothers me enough to call attention to it. I still can’t decide if the creators […]