Halo to Produce a Live Action Web Series

Following in the footsteps of other gargantuan game franchises, the creators of Halo 4 announced that they will be releasing a 5 episode live action web-series in October. The series is set to take place at the beginning of the war between humans and the alien race, the Covenant.  It will then follow the story […]

Microsoft Lures Consumers with $40 Windows 8 Upgrade

For years, Apple has dominated the consumer electronics market with its clean and simple aesthetic, “cool factor” and easy-to-use software. While Apple’s image pushes hardware into the hands of early adopters, one of its strongest selling points in terms of software is how easily and affordably its operating systems can be updated. Statistics show that […]

A Level Playing Surface

Apple may have to finally begin sleeping with one eye open. The old champion, Microsoft, made a splash in the tablet market earlier this week. There answer to the iPad is what, from technical specs alone, appears to be a faster, smarter tablet called the surface. Microsoft’s history with keeping up on the latest tech […]