The Magazine Girls

Looking through fashion and beauty magazines I begin to get a little upset because it makes me notice just how many flaws I truly have. There’s a 4-page spread in Allure on how to maintain “perfect skin” and apply makeup “just right” and lose “tons” of weight in “so little” time. Exaggerations like these are what […]

Summer Movies in Review

With summer starting to wind down, the popular movie season has come to an end. Although, over all, it was a great summer for the movie industry, movie critics have submitted their reviews, and the hits and misses of movies for summer 2012 have been listed. According to Yahoo Movies, “The Reel Breakdown” places Joss […]

Romantic movies distort reality

Seeing American society as it is today, I think it’s fair to say that the two greatest motivations of sin in society are money and sex. A great example of this is the movies produced nowadays. There are always a great number of romantic or sex-based movies playing in theaters. I can easily rattle titles […]

New Website Helps Organize Life

Surfing the web one afternoon, I stumbled upon a website called Springpad. Springpad provides an interface for its users to create lists and organize any aspect of life. But these lists, which Springpad dubs “Notebooks,” are not limited to text. Notebooks can be filled with pictures and even audio. Not only that, but items can […]

MacFarlane’s Big Screen Comedy Premiere

Attention: Don’t Read if you haven’t watched Ted, SPOILERS BELOW!             If you are someone who is knowledgeable in the field of American pop culture, then you should know Seth MacFarlane; in particular for his most famous of his animated shows, Family Guy. MacFarlane is well-known for his sometimes over the line comedy style. Well […]

Moonrise Kingdom: Get In Touch With Your Childlike Self

I knew when I wanted to go to the theater yesterday that I wanted something original… you could even say quirky. So, we bought tickets for Moonrise Kingdom, and that is what we got: original and quirky. It was as refreshing yet familiar and humorous as a walk down memory lane – which would be […]

Celebrating Whitney Houston

Earlier today, the video for the song that has been marketed as Whitney Houston’s last recording debuted, starring the cast of the upcoming movie Sparkle, was released. The video pays tribute to the late singer by inserting footage of Houston’s performance in the movie. The music video’s tone is uplifting, and does indeed celebrate the iconic […]