Keep an Eye on: Eye Candy

Once in a while, MTV releases a show that just beats all the others. This time around, that show is Eye Candy. It stars Victoria Justice and trust me when I say this, her Nickelodeon past has nothing to do with her career now. I’ve seen a lot of people say that they won’t watch […]

Just Who is twenty one pilots Anyway?

Coined as “the best kept secret in music”, Ohio alternative pop duo twenty one pilots came away from one of the biggest performances of their career at the MTV Movie Awards leaving a lot of questions for the uninitiated. Namely, who is twenty one pilots? And what’s up with those ski masks?   and now i […]

Ke$ha releases “Crazy Kids,” recruits for the remix

The reigning Queen of Auto-Tune took a break from her crazy, beautiful life and collaborated with the unfortunate King of Auto-Tune,, on her latest single. Ke$ha took to Twitter to reveal “Crazy Kids” as her new single, tweeting “get. ready. ANIMALS!!!” alongside the single’s cover art April 18, 2013. “Crazy Kids” is the third […]

First Look: Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf & More

Feeling stuck in the “in-between” season? No worries! I’ve got you covered with the latest on a few of the most-anticipated summer premieres. ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars will return for its fourth season June 11. Titled “A is for A-L-I-V-E,” the première will pick up just moments after the Liars open the trunk of […]

John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars” to hit the big screen

Named the #1 fiction book of 2012 by TIME magazine, Green’s bestselling novel is being adapted into a movie. Allow me to make one thing clear: The Fault In Our Stars is not a cancer book. In the words of the 16-year-old protagonist Hazel Grace Lancaster, “cancer books suck” because they conceal the hard truth […]

MTV names Rihanna “Rockstar of the Year”

Who cares if she doesn’t play Rock N Roll? She’s definitely got the attitude! If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that Rihanna is going to do whatever the hell she wants. That attitude and the party-hard lifestyle have earned Rihanna MTV’s “Rockstar of the Year” title. It’s not the 777 Tour or […]

Nick Lachey Is Going to Be A Daddy

The last time you really heard about Nick Lachey was during his marriage to Jessica Simpson. Now, he is a soon to be daddy to his wife, Vanessa Minnillo. In a few weeks, they will be welcoming their first child into the world. Vanessa has recently been on Wipeout as a co-host. On the show, […]

Real World Star found Dead

To die before your 30th birthday, is a real tragedy. Former reality show actor, Joey Kovar has passed away the age of 29. Kovar was known for his short role in “Real World: Hollywood”, and his stint in Celebrity Rehab 3. Kovar was an aspiring actor, who went to Hollywood in the hopes of making […]

“Prince of Pop” Aaron Carter is at it again

Fans may see a new record as soon as December. When he isn’t fueling his bad boy image, he’s focusing on his acting career. Up until recently, that is. Fresh off his role as Matt in Broadway musical The Fantasticks, Carter recently confirmed his plans for a new album. “My goal is to get it […]

Shakeups in Season 6 For Jersey Shore

Upcoming season of “Jersey Shore” will be one unlike the rest. The biggest party girl, Snooki, is pregnant and “The Situation”, Mike, just got out of rehab. So the big question is, will there still be the hype and party life like other seasons? Pauly D talks to MTV about what he projects for the […]

“This Little Girl” is far from what you’d expect, she’s better

“It’s Cady. C-A-D-Y.” … “Yeah, I’m gonna call you ‘Caddy.’” Meet Cady Groves; a twenty-three year old spitfire, this singer-songwriter has no problem telling you exactly what’s on her mind. Don’t believe me? Check out her Twitter. The most connected of any artist I listen to, Groves is constantly talking with fans (lovingly called “batches”) […]

Video Music Awards

On September 6th the 2012 VMA’s will be broadcast on MTV. Last year was said to be one of the best VMA’s since the earlier 2000s. Now this year, the VMA’s will have an entirely new set and artists, from Skrillex to One Direction. The fans say they are excited for this VMA’s because they […]

A Show With Bite

I swore I wouldn’t get into another show with a supernatural premise. Then I somehow ended up watching MTV’s Teen Wolf on Netflix. And after getting caught up with everything in just three days, everything hurts. That’s not to say that it has terrible writing, or that the cast is terrible. It’s quite the opposite. […]

“3 Cheers” for up and coming band EVOLOVE

An unconventional claim to fame has branded these rockers as one to watch. Fronted by a female vocalist, pop rock outfit EVOLOVE proves that the ladies can throw down with the best of ‘em. Lucy Levinsohn provides lead vocals for the majority male band, with Billy Berman on bass, Dave C. and Colby Jensen on […]