Paralympics receives more coverage than before, not as much coverage as Olympics

Athletes from all around the world are gathered together in Sochi this week to represent their countries and compete for a gold medal in the Paralympics, but they are not receiving as much TV coverage as the Olympics. The United States will have 52 hours of TV coverage this year, ten times as much coverage […]

Community Season Premiere Postponed

 Sorry, Human Beings, it seems we have entered the darkest timeline. Originally scheduled to premiere Friday, NBC’s cult hit Community was put on yet another hiatus in order to promote the network’s current fall lineup. Fans of the study group have taken to the internet to express their displeasure, reawakening the summer hashtag, #NBCFail. This is not […]

NBC Chooses to Air Kris Jenner over the 9/11 Moment of Silence

On Tuesday morning, at 8:46 am, every news station in America, and most around the world, took a few moments out of their airtime to pay their respects, and participate in a moment of silence, which took place at The White House. That is, every station except one. NBC’s, “The Today Show” chose to interview […]

“A Symphony of British Music” to Include Spice Girls, Muse, and More

The London 2012 Olympics have brought about spectacular wins and gutwrenching losses for talented athletes around the world, but sadly, it all must come to an end. The closing ceremony airs this weekend, directed by British creative director and choreographer Kim Gavin. While very little information is known at the moment, rumors and hints at […]

Twitter fuels the Olympics

Four years ago if someone told me that Twitter would play an integral role in the 2012 Beijing Olympics, I wouldn’t have believed you. It wasn’t until about two years ago I began using Twitter. Now it makes perfect sense to me as to how twitter is such a large role in the games this […]

Oh, Matt Lauer.

Today in “Reasons Why I’m Ashamed of My Future Field of Work”, “Why I’m Embarassed into be an American”, or even more harshly, “How Did You Get a Job Doing Anything in this Field”, Matt Lauer reminds us why people liked Ann Curry better than him and if you don’t have anything productive or nice […]