A Beginner’s Guide to March Madness

Well folks, it’s here. That most wonderful time of the year for sports fans – both casual and hardcore – is here: March Madness. Buzzer-beaters, 3-pointers, stifling defense, championship-level intensity; for some of us seasoned sports fan veterans, it’s the culmination of the long, arduous, often frustrating process known as the college basketball regular season. […]

Aftermath of the Sandusky Trial: A Lesson for All

The dust is finally settling around the Penn State, Gerry Sandusky scandal.  Most people at this point know at least some of the large sanctions passed unto Penn State from the NCAA.  Now all that’s left is for people to decide what they think of the punishment, what it means for the future of college […]

Sex Charges in Every Sport

A few weeks ago I wrote the article about Nate Webster and the sex charges against a teenager. I decided to look up more about sex charges against players of every sport. I found a shockingly amount of these same reports from every sport. We see major sports players as idols, however, with this re-occurrence […]