Hilary Duff to Release New Album and New TV Series

Wait, what? Could it be true? Could our preteen idol finally be making our dreams come true? After seven long years of waiting, Hilary has decided to make a come back! On June 26, Hilary posted a picture wearing headphones on her instagram with the caption. “Studio werkin.” The former Disney starlet also posted a picture with Ed […]

The Comeback Kings

Alternative rock has always had a way to reinvent itself into new and exciting genres. Some alternative bands have decided to go more electronic, others go for distortion, many for commercial and a few for more soulful creations. This is just like life, you have to reinvent yourself in order to move ahead, but in […]

Dear Justin, Please Bring Sexy Back

It’s been 6 years since Justin Timberlake released FutureSex/LoveSounds, and fans of the former *NSYNC-er are a little disgruntled. And it’s understandable. Even though JT has been busying himself with his clothing line, golf course opening, hosting golf tournaments, acting, producing, among other things, none of these upcoming projects are a followup to FutureSex. I […]