White-Nose Syndrome Alarming Threat to North American Bats

In caves throughout North America, bats are suffering from Geomyces destructans, or white-nose syndrome. Millions of bats in over twenty U.S. states and at least five Canadian provinces are falling victim to this disease, which is quickly spreading to more caves throughout North America. White-nose syndrome, or WNS, is a disease contracted by hibernating bats. […]

Another Look at a Common Bird

When we think of common birds found year-round in North America, we think of robins, blue jays, cardinals, and the Canadian goose. The house sparrow is also one of the most common birds found throughout North America. Considered to be of least concern on the ICUN list, the house sparrow is also an incredibly successful […]

An Easy Way to Stop the Spread of Garlic Mustard

Garlic mustard, or Alliaria petiolata, is a plant between twelve and thirty-six inches high with round green leaves and small white flowers. It is considered an herb and is possibly one of the oldest discovered spices to be used in ancient European cooking. The plant was also used in curing and disinfecting injuries. Even today, […]