Coyotes in Growing Numbers

The coyote is an adaptable creature; omnivorous, and able to survive in pretty much any environment from rural to urban. It is not a native creature to Ohio and yet it can still be found in every one of the state’s counties, and their numbers are growing quickly. At two feet tall and three to […]

Armed Assailant on Ohio University Campus

An armed person considered dangerous on the Ohio University campus in Athens, Ohio has led to campus wide shutdown of the university as well as neighboring schools. Officers do not believe the assailant to be a student at the university. The assailant robbed a woman of a mere $5 at gun point and then proceeded to try […]

Kent State Next?

Ever since the deadly shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007 that left 32 dead, shootings in the United States have been occuring more frequently than we would have ever thought. We all know that the world is not safe, but when a parent becomes terrified to send their child off to school or to the […]

Jail for a Bengal

Nate Webster an achieved Cincinnati Bengal linebacker was sentenced to to 12 years in prison for having sex with a minor. After a very long trial he was finally sentenced on Wednesday in Ohio. The girl was a the daughter of an assistant coach for the Bengals. In April the court convicted him for unlawful […]