O’Hare Airport Noise causing problems for Chicago

Aldermen Mary O’Connor and Margaret Laurino, two members of the Chicago City Council have before demanded for the Council to do something about the noise generated from O’Hare airport.  However, since January until recently, their efforts have largely been ignored.  Last week the two finally received council approval to place an advisory referendum proposal on the upcoming November […]

Air Testing by Kite in Chinese Cities

Air pollution has been an undeniable crisis in China, with the stars hidden by layers of tainted smog in many cities. Government officials, however, have always dodged the issue. They cite the developing status of the nation as an excuse for the environmental contamination. What’s worse, they refuse to release quantified data on the air […]

New Plastic-Eating Fungus Provides Hope for the Future

A new species of fungi discovered in the Ecuadorian Amazon has shown the ability to degrade polyurethane plastics. The species Pestalotiopsis microspora seems to enjoy eating plastic, and is even able to survive eating only polyurethane plastic.  The species is also able to degrade plastic in an anaerobic environment, which bodes well for implications of placing the […]