Homeland Season 3: Mid-season review

***SPOILER ALERT*** This piece contains key details of the show’s current and past seasons, read at your own risk! Showtime’s hit series has been smashing the ratings and earning important awards since it started back in 2011. The show gave us a chance to experience the return to TV of the amazing Claire Danes. In […]

Love Show Fanatics

The new craze on television is shows about finding true love. Recently, shows like “Love in the Wild” and “The Choice” have provided people you can find love with; well you can find love on a well-scripted show. The shows target audiences are young to middle-aged women that want “true love”. Even though there have […]

Television Dominance

NBC news has been a dominant presence on television winning the ratings against competition from the evening and Sunday morning news. NBC has had a 16-year winning streak, however, In April their record is broken. Allegedly they have been declining in ratings to the point of changing Ann Curry on “Today”. Shows such as “NBC […]

Finding the Best of Netflix Instant

If you are like me and tired of all the crap that Netflix suggests to you and are fed up, there might be a solution. In fact, there are many. You’ve probably thought to google things like “Good Netflix Moves” or ” Best of Netflix”. That will only get you so far. Websites like to […]