Vows Release

Dreampop band Vows released their single, “Ride This Out” on February 11 via Bandcamp.The single, paired with a B-side, “Dream Beat”, comes as a followup to Come Over My Way/Be You Again, and Stranger Things, which released in May 2013. Ride This Out/Dream Beat is available under a “name your price” option, and can be bought and […]

“The Youngblood Chronicles” Continue in Latest Installment

Hell’s reign continues in part six of Fall Out Boy’s “Youngblood Chronicles” in “Just One Yesterday”. After being kidnapped, tortured, possessed, and beaten, Patrick, Pete, Joe, and Andy get a short reprieve (and a very small one, at that) as they search for help in the latest video in the 11-part series. The latest installment […]

Upcoming album release launches VersaEmerge into “Another Atmosphere”

With a string of promotional teasers posted to the band’s Facebook page, expectations are running high. Originating in Port St. Lucie, Florida, electro-rockers Sierra Kusterbeck and Blake Harnage make up the duo known as VersaEmerge. VersaEmerge came together in 2005, releasing multiple extended plays: Cities Built on Sand was independently release in 2007, and Perceptions […]

Metal is Not the Work of Satanists

Perhaps I’m wasting my time bringing this up and trying to counter the arguments of fanatics but the ridiculousness of what’s presented as fact in “Exposing Metal Bands (satanic illuminati) PART 1,” a video that surfaced on YouTube this week bothers me enough to call attention to it. I still can’t decide if the creators […]