SONY ‘lending’ Spiderman to Marvel? Lease rights have been confirmed.

The moment I heard the words ‘Spiderman,’ ‘Sony,’ ‘MARVEL’ and ‘rights,’ my hopes were lifted for a slight moment. We all know Spiderman, it’s one of the best superhero-based comic book franchises out there. Originally a MARVEL comic, the rights belong to Sony. Word has been going around that Sony might sell the rights back […]

A Tale of Two Spider-Men

Last month, Marvel released the first issue of their current “Spider-Men” event, which crosses over the original Marvel Universe with the current UltimateSpider-Man Universe. The five issue release crossover marks the meeting of original Spider-Man Peter Parker, and current Spider-Man (in the Ultimate universe), Miles Morales. The crossover event occurs after Spider-Man sees a purple […]

Summer of Superheroes

Last month’s release of Marvel’s The Avengers officially kicked off summer 2012’s summer of superheroes. With the Joss Whedon-directed film continuing to dominate at the box office, Columbia Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man and the upcoming installment of The Dark Knight Saga have some serious catching up to do. The Avengers, which broke records as the third […]