Keep An Eye On: The Red Band Society

Spain is a country with a great tradition in the arts. From artists like Pablo Picasso, Miguel de Cervantes, Plácido Domingo and Javier Bardem, this small territory manages to produce high quality entertainment to Europe and the rest of the world. However, the language issue is one that obstructs a free flow of content from […]

A Negative Reaction to The Color Purple

The more I research the topic of the different ways society reacts to different movies, the more I learn. Before this week I had only heard positive things about the movie “The Color Purple.” However, after doing some research I have started to rethink my opinion of the movie. According to A Review of Contemporary […]

Battle of Movie Gods: Hollywood’s Biggest Directors Square-Off on Forbes

While Oprah took the top-earning spot, bringing in an estimated $165 million in the last year, she was followed by a impending slew of directors and legendaries, like “Transformers” director Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, who pulled in an estimated $160 million and $130 million between May 2011 and May 2012. However, there are also […]